Visual Development Artist / Concept Artist

DreamWorks Animation


Kevin Lima

President Chapman-Lima Productions

I directed Ravi on MONKEYS OF MUMBAI at DreamWorks Animation for which he explored and created an amazing cast of imaginative characters and locations. His unique talents and perspective gave all of his work a buoyant, yet credible believability. I would definitely call upon Ravi for future collaboration.

May 12, 2015, Kevin managed Ravinder Singh at DreamWorks Animation

Emil Mitev

Art Director/Consept Designer at Dreamworks

Ravi is very talented and skillful artist. As an Art Director, I had an incredible experience working with him been a visual development artist in our art department team. He helped me very well to articulate and materialize my ideas in 3-D.
He is so savvy with MAYA, He can easily take a rough, sketchy drawing and with very limited assets to turn it into a sophisticated model, that would be a very close representation of the final one.
Having that in a such an early stage, really enabled us to pitch to the director and the producers the original idea on a different level, giving them a very accurate representation of what the final set would be.
I have to mention that the sets that Ravi was responsible were main sets and quite complicated. We had such limited sources and despite that, he was able to pull out city of Boston from nine buildings and from six buildings the entire city of Paris, with few interchangeable parts.
It was a great pleasure working with Ravi.
I highly recommend him as a visual development artist.

July 15, 2014, Emil managed Ravinder Singh at DreamWorks Animation

 Kim Mackey 

Global Head of Recruiting at DreamWorks Animation

I have known Ravinder since September 2010 when, as the Head of Recruiting, I started trying to recruit him to work for DreamWorks Animation. Ravinder had worked on such films as The Tale of Despereaux, Happily N'Ever After, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Arthur Christmas and Happy Feet 
I had approached Ravinder to come work for DreamWorks because of his unique skill set as a 3D designer. We were in the process of expanding our Visual Development Department from a more traditional based model to incorporating 3D designers who could help quickly get the look and style of the film into the 3D format we make our films in. In 2010, and even now, there aren't a lot of designers that can quickly, skillfully and artistically design and model in the 3D world at the level we look for. In addition, Ravinder is an experienced cinematographer so the work he creates is dynamic and visually intricate. 
In 2011 I was able to successfully recruit Ravinder to DreamWorks Animation and I have watched him contribute on a fundamental level to a number of our animated films. He has worked on some of our upcoming releases such as Penguins of Madagascar, Home and Bollywood Superstar Monkey. He is very collaborative, easy to work with and artistically strong so hence has earned the respect of the studio Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors as well as his colleagues in the Art Department. 
In addition to his visual effects skills, Ravi is simply one of the nicest, most giving people I have ever met. He volunteers regularly and is truly passionate about helping people and making a difference. He is dependable and throws himself 100% into everything he does and everything he believes in. In Hollywood, where there are so many people who can come off as entitled or jaded, Ravinder is a fresh and inspiring spirit. 
I highly recommend Ravinder Kundi. He cares deeply about people and his craft and believe he will become a valuable member to our VES team. 


Patrick Mate

Character Designer at Sony Pictures Animation

I work with Ravi on the visual development of Kevin Lima's movie "Bollywood Superstar Monkeys".Ravi is very very fast, creative and friendly, He was very involve in the movie and help a tremendous amount in the making and the visual research of the movie.I would certainly recommend Ravi, When time is money Ravi can help save your production a lot of it.

 Patrick worked directly with Ravinder Singh at DreamWorks Animation


Digital Set Designer (concept artist) and Senior Layout Artist

Sony Pictures Imageworks

“Ravi is without doubt one of the nicest guys in this industry; sincere, gentle, calm and extraordinarily helpful, an absolute delight to work with.
Which is all well and good, but he also happens to be extremely talented and creative with a great work ethic, and this combination of skill, artistry and personality is incredibly valuable.
I worked with Ravi on a challenging and hugely ambitious animated feature and, based on that experience, I hope I can persuade him to join any future production that I'm involved in!” February 10, 2012

Alan Short, Supervising Animator, Aardman Animations
managed Ravinder indirectly at sony imageworks

“Ravi is an extremely talented artist who also happens to be an exceptionally nice guy. He has a very strong work ethic, and in the three years that I worked with him, he never once failed to bring his enthusiasm and positivity to any situation, even when under pressure.
Ravi is definitely an artist who can be relied upon to get the job done, and done well.” February 7, 2012

  Adam Cootes, Story Artist/animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks
worked with Ravinder at Aardman Animations

I have known Ravi since 2010 when I first had the pleasure of working with him on 'Arthur Christmas' at Sony Imageworks. Ravi was clearly a valuable asset to that production and had flourished for a lengthy period within the Design Dept. at Aardman. We were then able to have the benefit of him join the Layout Team that I co-supervised. Despite it being a uniquely difficult show all round, Ravi not only consistently produced artistic and cinematic work but also demonstrated a noticeable positivity throughout, a trait that one would certainly consider as valuable as any production skillset. 
Ravi does indeed benefit from a unique combination of both technical and artistic ability. Neatly combining a sensibility for traditional Drafting & Design with excellent 3D skills. This is certainly a niche. Folks 'who do it all and well' are all too rare and I know he is certainly a sought after Artist. Since his work for Sony, I know he has been very well received at a number of major companies including 'Animal Logic', 'Dreamworks' etc. 
I can certainly vouch for how valuable folks that bridge the gap between pre-production and production/ 2D to 3D can be. Especially in a 21s, century CG feature pipeline. Personally I believe that multi-disciplinary Artists such as Ravi are the future of how animation should be produced, especially given how the model is so rapidly changing. I would certainly recommend him without hesitation for any production. 
But importantly, beyond the artistic qualifications and ample experience of a colleague; My friend Ravinder has a positive energy, a drive and humility rare for a profession in which we might occasionally become somewhat jaded. Such spirit and keenness for the craft is infectious and would certainly benefit any organization with which he is associated. 
Whilst I do currently only benefit from having Ravi as a friend, I certainly very much look forward to having him on my team once again in the future... 

Simon Dunsdon CG Cinematographer


Digital Set Designer(concept artist)/3d Environment modeller

Aardman Animations

“I have known Ravi for almost nine years now and have worked with him on three different projects - all animated feature films. I value highly Ravi's ability to cover both: the creative and the technical sides of 3D design. He is one of the few artists that I was lucky to work with who can offer what is known as 'immersive design'. His strong abilities in traditional drawing, CG modeling and CG camera made him an irreplaceable link in the design process helping us previsualize sets; camera movement and composition as well define the look of the most complicated sets and scenes. Ravi’s drawing skills and understanding of anatomy (whether human or animals’) along with the high level technical knowledge of the medium make him a great character modeler as well. Whenever I have a chance, I would offer Ravi to work with me again.” April 4, 2012

 Evgeni Tomov, Production Designer, Aardman Animations, Bristol, UK
managed Ravinder Singh at Aardman Animations

“Ravinder is a talented artist and a great asset to any team. It was a pleasure to work with him on Arthur Christmas. As a digital set designer he always produced high quality work, and was sensitive to production needs and deadlines. He manages to work with both a highly creative outlook and a great technical grasp of his craft. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to design low res sets in Maya - he can achieve great results with temp textures and lighting to really help give an impression of the final set. We couldn't have got the stunning results we did without him.” February 3, 2011

Alice Panerai, Art Dept Assistant Production Manager, Aardman Animations
managed Ravinder at Aardman Animations

 “Ravi is an extremely talented 3D artist and designer. He carried out his work diligently and with real enthusiasm despite the pressures and challenges he faced from a demanding work schedule. He could quickly visualise and interpret an environment with confidence and skill that only comes with years of experience. He's incredibly hardworking yet always finds the time to share his knowledge with those around him and is an important asset to any team. His modesty, generosity and high level of craftsmanship make him a pleasure to work alongside.” February 7, 2012

  Mike Shorten, Prop/Environment Designer, Aardman Animations & Sony Pictures Animation
worked directly with Ravinder at Aardman Animations


Digital Set Designer (concept artist), 3D Environment Modeller and Senior Layout Artist

Animal Logic

'Ravinder Kundi worked in Animal Logic's Art Department on the animated feature Guardians of Ga'hoole from August 2008 to May 2009.

Although he was hired as a Layout artist, he also worked in the Art Department to fulfil our need for 3D visualisations of various sets throughout the film.

His role became that of a Digital Set Designer, with his primary focus being the creation of 'spatial studies'. Spatial studies were low resolution models of our environments (essentially pre-visualisation models) which allowed us to quickly decide on the scale and layout of a particular set without getting bogged down in the technicalities of production modelling.

Ravinder excelled at this task. He was able to quickly and creatively interpret 2D concept artwork into 3D geometry. More importantly, he displayed the design skills to transform a verbal brief into a 3D set with minimal reference. He was able to layout and model geometry that looked good enough to present for directorial approval without getting carried away creating fine detail. He also knew how to model and design with a cinematic eye, knowing that what he was creating needed to ultimately work through the lens of a camera.

Although he worked on numerous sets, his most notable achievement was his creation of the spatial study for the Great Tree of Ga'hoole. This location was massive, complex, full of organic detail and sets within sets, all of which had to be arranged and rearranged under the perfectionist eye of production designer Simon Whiteley. Ravinder tackled this task with with great skill and patience, and I look forward to seeing his initial groundwork evolve into an amazing digital location over the course of this production.

I would happily recommend Ravinder for a similar role on any production, and look forward to working with him again in the future.'

Grant Freckelton, Art Director Animal Logic

 “i had the chance to work with Ravi on Zack Snyder's Guardians of Gahoole and i highly recommend him.
In my opinion he is one of those new generation of Digital Artists with both artistic talent and technical expertise.
He is very capable of design, model, animate and frame with or without supervision of an art director making him invaluable in any production.
Ravinder is an excellent Digital artist...looking forward to work again with him.” July 15, 2009

Pierre Salazar, Lead Modeller, Animal Logic
worked directly with Ravinder at Animal Logic


The Tale of Despereaux - Feature Film

Framestore CFC

“Ravinder is a very professional 3D lay out artist with the plus of a great talented skill in drawing,sens of composition and sensibility for the best lighting for a set.It was a real pleasure to work with him on Despereaux;
Ravi contributed a lot to get the nice visual we wanted for this movie.” February 15, 2009

Adam Olivier, Art Director, Despereaux movie
managed Ravinder at Framestore CFC


Designer on The Tale of Despereaux- Feature Film

Universal Pictures.

“To whom it may concern:

I have worked with Ravi Kundi on 'The Tale of Despereaux' in London and am left with excellent impressions from him, both professional and personal. He is a brilliant artist and a very easy going person and it has always been a pleasure working with him. He has the winning combination of excellent drawing skills and 3D software knowledge. I would definitely recommend him and would love working with him again in the future.

Rouja KolevaJune 17, 2008

Rouja Koleva, Prop designer, Despereaux productions (Universal)
worked directly with Ravinder at Universal Pictures.


3d Character Modeller

Blur studios

“Ravinder is an exceptional artist with a wide range of skills which will benefit any current or future employer.” July 25, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dan Rice,
hired Ravinder as a 3D Character Modeler in 2007


Designer/ previsual artist /layout on Lions Gate Film's Happily Never After - Feature Film

BFC Berlin Film Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Ravi in Berlin and found him to be a dedicated professional and willing team player. Since it is a rare and natural talent, I place a lot of value on work ethic. In this area Ravi shone
brightly. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a valued asset to any production.

Deane Taylor” January 18, 2011

Deane Taylor, Production Designer, Vanguard Animation
managed Ravinder indirectly at BFC Berlin Film Company

“Ravi was a joy to work with,talented,enthusiastic,hard-workingand always willing to go that extra mile to learn more about his craft and never failed to piut anything less than 100percent into whatever he was doing whether it was design,layout or 3D work.He is naturally gifted in both 2D and 3D and I would recommend him to any company looking for high quality product and a smile to go with it...” March 18, 2007

Barry Reynolds, character design,concept design, BFC
worked with Ravinder at BFC Berlin Film Company

“Ravi is a wonderful person to work with. He is an excellent artist. He has a very good eye for detail and is definitely an asset for any team.” October 7, 2006

Gupta V.K, Pipeline Technical Director, BFC
worked directly with Ravinder at BFC Berlin Film Company

“Ravinder is a fantastic character designer. I had the pleasure to see his amazing skills in action and I was fastinated. But not only his artistic skills are absolutly convincing, also his ability to work in the team are a must for every production. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Robert” October 4, 2006

Robert Kuczera, Senior Animator, BFC
worked directly with Ravinder at BFC Berlin Film Company

“Ravi was working as a PreViz and Layout Artist on the animated feature "Happily N'Ever After" at Berliner Film Companie. Ravi is a hard worker who is dedicated to his job and very professional. In addition to his excellent technical and artistic skills he is a very good and always friendly team player. It was a pleasure working with him.” October 2, 2006

Antje Kunze, Production Manager, BFC
managed Ravinder at BFC Berlin Film Company


Happily Never After

Hahn FIlm GMBH

Ravinder Kundi worked as a Previsualisation Artist on "Happily Never After", a CGI feature film on which I served as Sequence Director/Head of Pre Vis & Layout. I have found Ravi's work to be of the highest standard, and his skill sets are thorough - both creatively and technically. Ravi's background in 2D Layout and his keen design sense were a great asset to the team, of which he was a key member. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Ravi to any Producer/Director seeking the highest level of competence, ability and professionalism from their artists and very much look forward to working with him in the future.

Tony Power, Animation Director, BFC Berliner Film Companie

“Ravinder is dedicated, hard working and talented. He has a distinguished sense of design, excellent communications skills and works well Directors.
I have work with Ravinder in more than one studio; he was always someone that was dependable for getting his work done in a timely manner and always with outstanding creative quality. I highly recommend Ravinder.” March 7, 2011

Laura Dundas, Production Manager, BFC Berliner Film Companie
managed Ravinder at Hahn FIlm GMBH

“I first came across Ravi in 2002 when he applied to do layout on the original hand drawn "classical" 2D version of HNA in Berlin. His portfolio leapt out at me and showed me he had what it takes to deliver not only a clear understanding and creating environments for animation but a visual flair was strongly evident in his art.

After HNA moved to CG I brought Ravi with us and he excelled in the Pre-Viz department. I believe his traditional background helped this greatly. He became an integral part of the team and worked with me directly to create the tone and camera style of the film.

I worked with Ravi again in 2009 during my stint on storyboards at Aardman (on Arthur Christmas) and was delighted to see how far he has come.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ravi as both a world class artist and all round nice guy - easy to work with, affable and always willing to go beyond the call of duty to achieve and contribute to whatever vision is put before him.” January 18, 2011

Paul Bolger, Director, BAF
managed Ravinder at Hahn FIlm GMBH

“Ravinder is an asset to any animation team. I had the pleasure of working with Ravinder in Berlin Germany. Ravinder and I worked with two animation companies involved in "Happily Never After".Ravi initially was hired within the L/O team at Hahn Film in Berlin Germany whilst this project was being produced as a 2-d feature. The film format was changed to 3-d and Ravi was contracted to join the 3-d team at Berlin Film Company. Ravi proved to be a talented and highly motivated artist with excellent skills in both 2-d and 3-d Maya skills. I would highly reccomend Ravinder for any animation project. He is a commited and talented hard worker with a sincere passion for delivering high quality animation.
Janice Walker” March 14, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Janice Walker,
hired Ravinder as a Animation in 2000, and hired Ravinder more than once